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Oh my! How 40 years has changed us!  

Come to the Zion-Benton Class of 1977 40th "1970s-Themed" Reunion on September 7-9, 2017

Can you believe that it has been 40 years! Let's get together to celebrate our awesome Class of 1977! If you feel the urge to really show how awesome 1977 was, wear 1970s inspired clothing! But the most important thing is to be there!

Below is the schedule of events. You can also keep in touch with the latest announcements by joining the ZB Class of 1977 Facebook Group.

Missing Classmates

We do not have current addresses for the following classmates. Please send us an email at zbclassof77@comcast.net if you know how to contact them.

  • Aguilar, Nancy
  • Andrews III, George
  • Bailey, Jim
  • Ballard, Debra
  • Bardonner, Antonette
  • Barnes, Kevin
  • Block, William
  • Booker, Linda
  • Boone, Gary
  • Bouie, Esther
  • Coffren, Gail
  • Cook, Gretchen (Bernhardt)
  • Couch, Cindy
  • Crary, Teresa
  • Davidson, Roy
  • Ester, Pat
  • Fleming, Virginia
  • Fosterm, Evelyn (Randall)
  • Freeman, Patricia (Sangfter)
  • Garcia, Milagro Castro
  • Garrison, Sharlene (Gonzalez)
  • Grider, George
  • Hagen, Chip
  • Heisler, Jamie (Langavin)
  • Hokanson, Robert
  • Holt, Anita (Oliver)
  • Horton, Marcia
  • James, Shirley
  • Johnson, Donna
  • Kienenberger, Cheryl (Gregory)
  • King, Tom
  • Kooy, Ronald
  • Kyle, Lisa
  • Lindner, Bonnie
  • Lindner, Linda
  • Lindsey, Racoe
  • Liu, Pat (Pei-Ying)
  • Lopez, Joe
  • Martin, Debra
  • Mason, Pamela (Shadell)
  • Massari, Dawn (Elrod)
  • McCullough, Lynn
  • McIntosh, Edward
  • Mell, Betty
  • Mikrut, William
  • Moore, Ricky
  • Morris, Melinda
  • Neeve, Sue (Miller)
  • Newton, Amy (Shaw)
  • Nixon, Germaine
  • Overson, Patti
  • Peet, Robert
  • Pope, Charlotte
  • Reddoch, Gloria (Southern)
  • Rizzio, Dave
  • Russell, Christina
  • Santana, Olga (Erickson)
  • Shuman, Sherri
  • Sims, Thomasina
  • South, Barb
  • Thomas, Tammy (Anderson)
  • Tompkins, Dena (Dorkowski)
  • Vaughn Jr, John
  • Watson, Maxine
  • Webb, James
  • Weitkum, Marla
  • Wolfe, James


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40th Reunion Schedule of Events

Date Time Location Description
Thursday, Sept. 7 7 p.m. Send an email to zbclassof77@comcast.net to learn the location of the bonfire. Bonfire
Friday, Sept. 8 4 p.m. 3901 W. 21st Street
Zion, IL
Tours of Pearce/Horizon School
7 p.m. Stadium ZB Homecoming Football Game
Saturday, Sept. 9 6 p.m. Meet at the at the Pearce Campus Rotunda before 6 p.m. Class Photo
7 p.m. to
11 p.m.
The Inn at Market Square
Zion, IL 60099

Appetizer Bar & DJ
Send an email to zbclassof77@comcast.net to receive a reservation form. The cost of this event is $45/person.

If you would like to reserve a room at The Inn at Market Square, call 847.872.4000.

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